BrightSpot Automation has installed a LoadSpot tool at D2solar to help companies optimize their module designs to reduce cell cracking and other problems experienced during static and cyclic mechanical loading 

December 2, 2018 – Westford, MA, USA

Dr. Harwood of D2solar, Dr. Gabor of BrightSpot and Dr. Rowell of D2solar in front of the newly installed LoadSpot system 


BrightSpot Automation has installed a LoadSpot system for performing mechanical load testing of solar panels at D2solar in San Jose, CA.  


The LoadSpot tool is capable of performing the standard IEC61215 mechanical load tests that simulate wind and snow loads on the panels and it does so in an improved manner that leaves the front side of the panels unobstructed, so electroluminescence and IV testing of the panels can be performed as loads are being applied. In this way a single short test can give a clear picture of how cell cracks form as a function of mechanical loading of the module. 


Dr. Andrew Gabor, CTO of BrightSpot: “D2solar is a key partner, together with the Florida Solar Energy Center, in our research on understanding crack formation in crystalline silicon solar cells, on the ways to improve solar panel designs to make them less sensitive to crack formation, and on ways to improve tests to reveal the sensitivity of panels to cell cracking. This research, Powered by Sunshot, has already revealed a sensitivity of solar panels to developing cracks at disturbingly low load levels after application of a short, low-temperature exposure.  We have successfully engineered multiple ways to redesign the panels to reduce their sensitivity to cell cracking, and we have developed new testing sequences that address the shortcomings of the IEC testing sequences with respect to this effect.”


Dr. Duncan Harwood, CEO of D2solar: “We are excited to be able to offer our clients this unique testing service which helps them optimize their designs, materials and processing with respect to cell cracking and other problems seen during static and cyclic load testing.  We share the same passions as do the staff at BrightSpot regarding the importance of solar panel durability, and we see the LoadSpot as a critical tool to quickly and cost-effectively assess panel quality.”  


About D2solar

D2solar is an independent product development engineering services company specializing in photovoltaic technologies. They help innovative companies around the world design, develop, test, and manufacture solar products.  The company is based in San Jose, CA.  Contact D2solar at


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BrightSpot Automation provides the PV industry and PV researchers with specialized manufacturing and measurement tools with a focus on improving module durability and performance.  The company is based in Westford, MA. Contact BrightSpot at


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