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Electroluminescence Camera


The Electroluminescence camera is a low-cost manual solution for imaging cracked cells and other defects in solar panels.  Comes with a modified DSLR camera, filter, lens, camera power cable, SD data card, camera to computer data cable, tripod, MC4 cables to place between power supply and solar panel, and instructions for use and image enhancement.  Images panels effectively under non-glaring room lighting or darker or outside at dusk lighting or darker.  Image solar cells in either EL or PL mode.





The LoadSpot performs static and cyclic (dynamic) load tests for standard IEC certification testing.  The bending tests are performed by applying vacuum or air-pressure to the rear side of the module, thus leaving the front side open for EL and IV testing.  For standard panels, applying a light vacuum to the rear side allows for a quick crack-opening test to predict future degradation were the closed cracks to become fully open in the field.


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Fast measurement of contact resistivity for solar cell grid structures.  More accurate and lower variability than using manual probing.  Also measures line resistivity.


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Nondestructive contact resistance measurements. 

Measure resistance between metallization and the silicon wafer
Hide test patterns within busbars (no cosmetic or efficiency effects)
Automatic alignment of probehead to test patterns
Standalone or in-line applications
Test every cell on a production line (<3 sec takt time)
Adaptable to in-line or rotary table automation






TempCoSpot (New)


Module Temperature Coefficient Measurements 

Temperature controlled enclosure with glass face for testing solar panels
Measure IV vs temperature to determine temperature coefficients
Orientation can be varied for IV flashing upwards or downwards.

Spatial uniformity:  +/- 1.5ºC








PL-Spot (New)


Photoluminescence Wafer and Cell Tester

Safe red LED lightsource and high resolution PL camera within a lightproof enclosure to obtain contactless images of wafers and cells.  Can be configured to look at a single cell within a module.  Lightsources available separately.








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